In the course of XII. Zemplen interregional Enterprise Days opened the Zemplen European House in Sátoraljaújhely in 2004. 23th of April. Péter Kiss chancellery minister inagurated the renovated and widen Enterprise House, which have been active for 13 years, by Zemplen Local Enterprise Foundation.

The Prime minister office's directing minister said, this European House is good example for the one city's ambition meet with international regions ambition. This house serve the helping of enterprises and the people's prosperity. One week before to Hungary and Slovakia join to European Union, the Zemplén Euroregion has been established. 9 Slovakian micro regions, 5 Hungarian small area, the two country's regional organizations, and 17 cooperated partners sign the Euroregion's deed of foundation in ceremonial frame in the Zemplen County House of Sátoraljaújhely.

The Zemplen Euroregion contain the historical Zemplen county's areas. This union's aim is a common elaboration and implementation of development programmes for Zemplen region, according to formulated of stategic programmeplans. The two borderregional area's closing up with the basis of partnership, concentration of local and regional resources, and with efficient application of Eurpoean Union, Hungarian, and Slovakian resources of budget project.

The slovakian Regional Development Agency of Királyhelmec and the Zemplen European House will the centres of this interregional union. The members of union whose are interested in for European Unions resources exploation, in common develpoment, and in local enterprises helping, choose Sátoraljaújhely to centre which becamed Zemplen county again.

The common aims are: to hold together, and operate for the region's interest the economic and social situation's better enterprises service, develop the human infrastructure, cooperation of local government, and civilian initatives in interest of joining neighbouring regions.

Showing of the aims:

The strategical development of the borderregional - economic cooperation aims are the followings:

  • improvement of cooperation's economic basis, and increase of competitive goods base's quantity,
  • improvement of economic cooperation's physical condition system,
  • improvement of coperated borderregional area's capital attraction,
  • marketing and informatical development of borderregional cooperation.

We would like to make a stronger of economic-social conditions, improvement of life quality, and people would became to citizens. We need to tell, in the course of borderregional economic cooperation enjoy priority by just such projects, whiches suitable for European Union requirement (environmenal protection, quality insurance). The produced goods need to be a competitive in European Union's markets.

Suggest measures:

In the interest of achieve the aims we formulated the following measures:

  • Development of the borderregional economic connections.
  • Improvement of the cooperation's constitutional centres.
    The aim of measure is to develop the constitutional frame of the cooperation, revise the cooperation's aim.
  • Develop the borderregional enterprisedevelopment cooperation.
    The aim is to realize the zemplen interregional economicdevelopment and educational centresindustrial parks, and incubatorhouses development. (Sátoraljaújhely, ZRVA, Királyhelmes RRA), and widen the secundary and higher educational cooperation programmes (university, secundary, adult, enterprise and basic training).
  • Start of the borderrregional marketing activity.
    In the framework of this measure realize the borderregional improvement regionmarketing (tourism, investment urging).
  • Realize of common infrastuktural and environmental protecting development.
    Inprovement the bordercrossing:
    The aim is to improve the crossing points, make a better of border crossing until the European Unions crossing points close down.
  • Development of crossborder environment- and nature protection:
    The environmental activities are efficient just in the scope of this cooperation (Hegyköz, Bodrogköz). This measure's aims are to develop the nature protecting areas, to step up against the problem of environmental protecting, floods, inland waters protection (Tisza river and Bodrog river).
  • - Development of borderregional settlements's culturical and change connection.
    The aim is to develop and harminizing the localgovernments, settlement's cultural, cooperation, and improvement the common develpoment programmes.

The cooperated small area's economic statistical datas show intensiver cooperation than macroeconomics cooperations, so there is the base of development of cooperation.



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Károly Horváth

Document of the Zemplén Euroregion:

Deed of foundation of the Zemplén Euroregion (pdf)
Zemplén Euroregion Programme Plan (pdf)

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