Establish of the Carpathian Incarrier Network:

The hungarian, slovakian and ukrainian founder partners sign the Carpathian Incarrier Network in Sátoraljaújhely in 2004. 19th of November. The founders are non profit enterprise development organizations, industrial settlementing organizations whiches show, the tri-borderregional competitive enterprises are open for this network.

Pongorné, dr. Csákvári Marianna, Economical and Transport Ministry's assistant under secretary was very glad because of the Network' establish: "This network is a region's dinamic exertion work, and I great it in the name of Economical and transport Mininstry and I promise, the ministry help in all to this work." All workplace creator organization may rich this network in the interest of area's development.

The aims of Carpathian Incarrier Network:

  • Incarriers enterprises and factories estalishment and settling down in this region for multinational factories.
  • We would like to join the Zemplen Euroregion into economy process of centre.
  • Outworking of industrial, commercial and logistical enterprises cooperation and increase.
  • Outworking of new incarrier connection.
  • Incarrier becaming within Network.
  • Repair the incarrier capacity.
  • Establishment of foreign enterprises into this region.

Founder organization of Network:

  • Sub-Carpathian Enterprise Development Centre
  • Regional Development Agency of Királyhelmec
  • Association of Hungarian Science Technological and Industrial Parks
  • University of Miskolc International Marketing Department
  • Industrial Park of Szerencs
  • Industrial Park of Sátoraljaújhely
  • Zemplén Local Enterprise Foundation

We will finance the Network from project resources. The Zemplen Local Enterprise Foundation sure the business infrastructure for this Network.
Bűdy László qualified economist makes the organizational and management activities of Network.


As a result of East-Carpathian initatives estabilshed these crossborder cooperation organizations:

  • Carpathian Borderregion Economic Development Association (4th November, 1994.)
  • Zemplen Euroregion (23th April, 2004.)

The basis aims are: improvement the economic basis of the cooperated areas, increase of the competitive goods basis, improvement of this area's capital urging, improvement the small and medium sized enterprises by the incarrier network.

Programme disputes of Zemplen Euroregion resulted to increase of intenzity, organizing the economic, organizing and starting the network.

About an incarrier networks:

In the Middle European region established a new economic centre. In Zilina - Bratislava- Esztergom region will produce 1.000.000. cars in a year.

This car manufacturing integrate another industry's products such as plastic industry, metal industry and textile industry, so it give an order for several incarriers.

We would like to establish that kind of model, which sure possibility to an etreprises for joining to a centres, urging the incarriers, whiches are incarry to this region's auto industry.

We need establish an economic infrastructure which based on company-researching, and educational cooperation for this region attractive power's increase. This network is the base for the region's development.
The cooperation, is the pile of independent companies, economic involvers, and non-profit companies, wiches use each one other products and services, and lean on infrastructure and knowledge basis and utilize similar innovation.

This cooperation will help - in increase of enterprise's receipts - in get to markets the borderregional's products, services and raw material get, and in establish the new workplaces. The network establishment cataly the cooperation's network establish with the aim of non prifit organization's area and economic development, but the involvers of business are the independent companies.

Document of the Carpathian Incarrier Network:

Deed of foundation of the Carpathian Incarrier Network

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