Industrial Park of Sátoraljaújhely

Sátoraljaújhely is the economic and commercial centre of the North-Hungarian region. In this region has german, nited states, french, british, italian, spanish and dutch entrepreneurial -investors connections. The succesfull cooperation based on the Zemplen Euroregion's natural (Tokaji wine culture, forest agriculture, and rare mineral) human resources, engineering industry, tobacco industry, wood and furniture industry and food industry, whiches complete the area's qualified human resources's supply and work culture.

The Industrial Park of Sátoraljaújhely's area is 88 hectares. The park offers for investors: the 3 old industrial area with hall which has 200-1000 m2 basic area, with buildings; and with 0,8 hectare green field for investment. The infrastructure is completely build in this park. Inside of park is the Hungarian Railway's railwaystation, so the logistics connections are excellent. The industrial park provide several services for investors: it has central car park, there is organized waste collection, and in the worker's mobility- help the public transport.

The park's organizing-enterprises make a sure the transport and loading services, and park management provide technological, legal, marketing, and innovation consultation for investors.

The 47 hectar green field area make a sure the development for industrial park which had been designated at its establishment. Since 1998 the development has been unbroken, because of won the title, and it show the park's results.

The results of Industrial Park of Sátoraljaújhely 1998 2005
Number of settled enterprises 25 47
Employees number in settled enterprises 1.668 2.055
Incomes of park's operating enterprises (million HUF) 9.802 31.277

Advantages whiches provide the industrial park:

  • Slovakian-hungarian-ukrainian tri-border region, this region is the EU border area.
  • Good logistics joining possibility in the park area.
  • International logistics connections and joining possibility (Logistical Centre of Záhony).
  • Complete infrastructure.
  • Investment-friendly local government, and enterprise-development institution system.

The industrial park waiting for engineering industry, electronics industry, food industry and wood industry companies's settleing.

General datas from industrial park:

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