Our services:

  1. Information System and Network
  2. Regional and Small Area Development Program
  3. Consultation
  4. Entrepreneurial Education, Training Program
  5. Credit Program: Credit Provision and Management
  6. Zemplén European Information Office
  7. Entrepreneurial Incubator House Program
  8. Interregional Program
  9. Other Services

1. Information System and Network

In our opinion, one of the greatest impediments to starting, managing and successfully establishing an enterprise in the region is lack of up-to-date market information.
Our Foundation's first task was to provide this information service free to establish and future potential entrepreneurs. We have delivered this service since opening our central office in Sátoraljaújhely. We have begun a satellite office network as an extended service, because the region is so large and divided.
Currently we operate nine information offices in Zemplén regional settlements with the help of local governments in Tokaj, Szerencs, Sárospatak, Monok, Cigánd, Ricse, Pálháza, Bodroghalom and Kenézlo. The offices have been equipped with a phone line and fax machines when opening them. Also, a computerized client database and network was installed in the offices in 1995. Furthermore, nowadays all the Zemplén Local Enterprise Agency's offices have an access to Internet services. All the sub-offices are linked to the central office through modem that makes the quick and direct information exchange among them.
In addition to the basic entrepreneurial issues, interested parties are informed about the available support, grant and loan sources, as well as the application process and up-to-date business offers.
We provide information about our programs and entrepreneurial news in the regional and local newspapers and advertising newsletters and journals on an ongoing basis.

We organize regular meetings for the interested small and medium entrepreneurs within the Zemplén Entrepreneurs'Club. We provide daily information and offer p rofessional knowledge through the presentations and seminars of invited experts.
During the years passed our services were extended by information provision on the European Union as well.

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2. Regional and Small Area Development Program

One of the basic principles for our successful work is to provide optimal conditions for entrepreneurial and investment activity, so we consider the active participation in the regional development programs essential.

We have designed the following regional development programs:

  • Complex Development Program of Zemplén Small Region (State Employment Fund)

  • Development Program of the Bodrogköz Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture)

  • Development Plan of the Tourism of B.A.Z. County (B.A.Z. County Bureau of Tourism)

  • CESO /Canada/ Tourism Development Program (Zempléni RVA)

  • IESC /USA/ Establishment of a Truck Transit Station in the Region (ZRVA)

  • VOCA /USA/ Establishment of an Agricultural Co-operative in the Bodrogköz (ZRVA)

  • Establishment of Agromarketing network in Bodrogköz, (B.A.Z. County Regional Enterprise Agency)

  • Possibilities of the Interregional Crossborder Co-operation (U.S. Peace Corps; CESO,)

  • Establishment of the Special Economic Zones and Improvement of the Crossings on the Borders /Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary/ (ZRVA)

  • B.A.Z. County Structural Reorganization and Crisis Management Program (B.A.Z. County Development Agency)

  • Establishment of the Network of Entrepreneurial Incubator Houses (B.A.Z.County Regional Enterprise Agency)

  • Development of the Regional Phone Network /MATÁV/ and the System of the Mobile Phones /Westel 450 Hz and 900 Hz/ (ZRVA)

  • Introduction and Establishment of the "AIRR" Sewage System /USA/ in the Small Settlements of the Region (ZRVA)

  • Program of the Carpathian Border Region Economic Development Association (ZRVA)

  • U.S. AID, VOCA/ACDI - Program of small-sized businesses of the Tri-Border Region and of Development of Bodrogköz and Hegyköz Region

  • Establishment of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone (ZRVA)

  • Completing, having accepted and providing information on economic development programme of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone (ZRVA)

  • Zemplén PR and marketing Program (ZRVA)

  • Zemplén Region Tourism Development Program (ZRVA)

  • Zemplén Tourism Program (ZRVA)

  • "Establishment of the Industrial Park Sátoraljaújhely, awarding the title of "Industrial Park", starting building up complex infrastructure (ZRVA)

  • Supplier's Objective Program (Ministry of Economics)

  • Up-Dating Region Development Program of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone (ZRVA), 2000

  • Program of Development Conception of Sárospatak Small Region (ZRVA), 2000

  • Unit of programs entitled "Zemplén on the threshold of EU accession" (ZRVA), 2000

  • Managing establishment of economic integrations in the territory of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone (ZRVA), 2000

  • Zemplen tourism publication package (ZRVA), 2000

  • "About European integration for enterpreneurs" education note (ZRVA), 2000

  • "About European integration for gipsies" education note (ZRVA), 2000

  • "The Europe of citizens, without borders" arrangement of professional training programme for helping of European Union connection (ZRVA), 2001

  • "Europe in Zemplen, Zemplen in Europe" European Union preparing programme-series in Zemplen region (ZRVA), 2002-2005

  • "Shipping in North-Hungary's rivers" titled realizable study (ZRVA), 2002- continuous

  • "We are going to EU" education programme (ZRVA), from 2002- continuous

  • "Open for Europe" or learning without age limit - titled education programme-series (ZRVA), 2003

  • "The Fűzér Castle in XVII. century" (ZRVA), 2003

  • "How can we successful in Europe?" - complex programme for helping of European Unios's connection with trade specific teaching (ZRVA), 2003

  • "How can we successful in Europe?" - Zemplen project writer seminarium's education syllabus (ZRVA), 2004

Since November 1st, 1996 we have been operating a Region and Rural Development Office. It means that a program manager has been being employed to organize region development programs as well as to provide assistance in activities implemented by Region Development Associations.

Program of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone has been elaborated as a result of co-operation between the Region Development Associations of statistical districts No. 507, 508 as well as by local governments in the Zemplén region. It was our task to organize the management of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone and even to establish an organization to have it operated.
The Zemplén Enterprise Zone was designated for 10 years period, effective from January 1st, 1998 by the Hungarian Government. Moreover, the Industrial Park-Sátoraljaújhely has been formed including a joint venture established to have it managed. It was the Zempléni RVA that implemented PR and marketing program of the Zemplén region and even a regional tourism development plan.
There has been a video film introducing the Zemplén region from historical, cultural and economic aspects and in three (Hungarian, English, German) languages made each lasting for 30' minutes.
We have completed a tri-lingual installation and folding screen material introducing the region and to be displayed during exhibitions.
We re-published the so-called four-lingual "Tourism Brochure on Zemplén " in 4,000 copies.
There have been promotion materials made on investment facilities in the region including information on both the Zemplén Enterprise Zone and the Industrial Park-Sátoraljaújhely in Hungarian and English languages. Both materials were published in 2,000 copies. The website of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone was updated and is accessible on the Internet under the following address: www.zemplen.hu.
Moreover, a CD room including the homepage of the Zemplén Enterprise Zone and multilingual video film material (English, German) on the region has been completed. It is to help activities relating to PR and marketing services.

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3. Consultation

The Enterprise Agency has been providing free consultation service since its inception with our staff, experts and outside specialists. The Sátoraljaújhely Center provides this service for clients during working hours on an ongoing basis and provides free legal consultation by an outside expert for half a day once a week.
We serve our clients to a certain extent at no charge, but also direct our clients to the required outside experts. We have built up a consultants' network together with B.A.Z. County Enterprise Development Agency. Specialists from all the professional fields can be found in this network. We also give assistance to the clients in selecting the right expert.
By involvement of outside experts and to reduce its fees we operate a so called professional consultation program, which is financed by Phare.

This support service has two types:
1.) Occasional consultation
2.) on-going consultation- and can be applied for by regional entrepreneurs.

We have provided this service through applications for 46 clients in amount of 2.2 million HUF since 1992. As an extension of our consultation program, we mediate and organize the foreign consultants' work with utilization of our international relationships.
Consultants from the U.S. Peace Corps have worked at our Foundation for 4 years and the entrepreneurs of the region have been able to employ, free of charge or at a reduced price, consultants from BB Foundation, Peace Corps, IESC (USA), CESO (Canada), VOCA (USA) ACDI (USA).
We attended the so-called Supplier's Objective Program issued in 1998 in co-operation by the Ministry of Economics and the Hungarian Enterprise Development Foundation.

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4. Entrepreneurial Education, Training Program

Our Foundation provides four levels of entrepreneur training:

  • "Entrepreneurial Ideas" course for potential entrepreneurs, unemployed, young people starting a career and for those with business ideas.

  • "Beginner Entrepreneurial" course for inexperienced private or small businessmen; within this we also organize a special agricultural course for agro-entrepreneurs and smallholders.

  • "Advanced Course" training course for established entrepreneurs who have development concepts.

  • "Managers' Course" specialized training for managers of medium sized companies.

  • Special entrepreneurial training course on the European Union.

From September, 2000 we organize special courses to provide information on the European Union for government workers, civil servants and representatives of SMEs working in the region. There was a special publication entitled "To entrepreneurs on European integration" as a syllabus completed by the courses in 1,000 copies. The publication was supported by the Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Region Development Council.

During the previous four years of operation we have organized 108 courses with the participation of 1025 entrepreneurs who could attend the courses either for free or at a reduced fee. The Foundation has expended more than 20 million HUF to facilitate the entrepreneurs' training program.
On the basis of regional needs, we have organized German and English courses at beginners' and at advanced levels. We arranged an intensive English language course including 600 lessons for the unemployed and entrepreneurs.
It resulted in several students being able to take National State Exams. Furthermore, we organized English language courses on elementary level for local entrepreneurs and employees working for companies with international interest.

Our training programs include further trainings, which are on preparing Hungary's accession to the EU, co-ordinated and arranged by the Phare Office (entrepreneurial training on the EU, Roma program).
Within our training programs we have training for our own staff experts on an ongoing basis and we organize trainings four times a year for our colleagues working in the information satellite offices. There four colleagues working for the agency attending post-graduate or further training courses.

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5. Credit Program: Credit Provision and Management

Our organization is involved in distributing information on both national and international loans and contribution opportunities issued towards entrepreneurs. We provide them with information on recent call for proposals and their conditions and even give assistance in completing the proposal or the request for the loan. Moreover, we mediate information either towards the bank or the institution involved in the bidding procedure. By managing the whole proposal process entrepreneurs are able to get such sources/aids with more successful results.
It is the so-called micro-credit program, which has been operated by our organization. Objective of the program is to finance investments made by SMEs by providing them with a credit having preferential interest rate.
The program has been co-ordinated from three different sources: MVA (Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Development) and the Hungarian-American Fund.
The program is co-ordinated by the Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Development via the national network of Local Enterprise Agencies (LEAs). Financial source of the program is covered by the Phare Program of the European Union to which a supplementary source is guaranteed from the Hungarian Government.

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6. Zemplén European Information Office

Our Enterprise Agency has been actively involved in both the elaboration and the implementation of EU programs for 9 years now. (Phare Partnership, Phare Credo, Leonardo Da Vinci).
Based on the result of our previous projects and condition system we issued initiatives during 1999, which are all to prepare inhabitants living in the Zemplén region, in broader sense in the tri-border region of Hungary-Slovakia and Ukraine, for the EU accession.

Our Enterprise Agency undertakes co-ordinating duties in preparations made in the region and Getting support of the Delegation of the European Commission to Hungary and the B.-A.-Z. County Region Development Council there has been a European Union Information Office (Zemplén European Union Information Office) and Professional Library established in the premises of the Enterprise Agency. Primary objective of the office is to provide access to information on the EU and even to call for proposals issued by the European Union.

Operation of our European Union Information Office is guaranteed by professional assistance given by our thirteen national EU partner organizations we have signed collaboration agreements with.
Furthermore, we are in daily contact not only with the Delegation of the European Commission to Hungary, but also with several EU partners in Belgium and Northern Ireland (U.K.).

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7. Entrepreneurial Incubator House Program

The first stage of our Foundation's incubator program is the establishment of the Entrepreneurs' House in Sátoraljaújhely.
The facility houses 12 enterprises at a reduced rental fee for a maximum of a three-year period. The total useful area (almost 1000 sq. meters) has been converted and renovated at the Foundation's cost with the help of the local businesses and other sponsors. In addition to the office space, the entrepreneurs get basic infrastructural services from the Enterprise Agency at cost price (copying, fax service, conference room, etc.) The incubator House has been operating successfully for 11 years now. The Enterprise Agency is located in the building and ensures the operation of the House and the services for clients, too.

A managers' office in the Entrepreneurs' House is being furnished with the renovation of an entrepreneurial yard (in the area behind the Entrepreneurs' House), where we plan to provide space for temporary/periodic exhibitions and product shows for the regional entrepreneurs. The first temporary exhibition - called Zemplén '97 was organized in August 15-20, 1997. It was an opportunity for regional entrepreneurs to exhibit their products in the field of sport, tourism and healthy way of life. Proceeding the tradition we organized the exhibition and fair, called Zemplén '99 in 1999 with the participation of 30 exhibitors, primarily of regional enterprises.
Currently there are 36 businesses operating in the Incubator House, its utilization is 100%.

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8. Interregional Program

Utilizing our beneficial geographic situation, we have started to build up our contacts with Slovakian and Ukrainian partners since the beginning of the Enterprise Agency's operation in order to co-ordinate the economic development of the tri-border region.
As a result of the previous years' successful jointly organized entrepreneurial events (shows and fairs, business meetings, training programs), on November 4, 1994, we formally established the Carpathian Border Region Economic Development Association (CBED) with the participation of Slovakian and Ukrainian counterpart organizations in the border region. And also established the Zemplén Euroregion and the Carpathian Incarrier Network with our partners in 2004.

The Association started its work on the basis of the jointly developed and announced program in 1995.

  • We opened regional offices in Vel'ké Kapušany and Královsky Chelmec, Slovakia and Uzhgorod, Ukraine; equipping them with technical equipment so our information office network has been extended.

  • We established a consistent tri-lingual unique entrepreneurial database providing entrepreneurs with assistance in business partner-search.

  • We organize international exhibitions and fairs, business meetings in all the three countries.

  • As for experience of previous years 50 regional entrepreneurs could exhibit their products in the fairs for advantageous price including 350-400 participants attending our businessmen's meeting.
    - Szerencs, Hegyaljai Gazdanapok;
    - Ungvár, EXPO UZHGOROD;
    - Nagykapos COPUS EXPO;

There has been a complex study made about the tri-border regional entrepreneurial special zones and on border-crossing opportunities.

  • We publish the Carpathian Business Review, an informational newsletter of CBED. Quarterly in four languages (Hungarian, Slovakian, Ukrainian and English).

  • The Reference, an economic TV program is broadcast 10 times a year and arranged by the Zemplén TV Broadcasting Public Corporation.

As a result of our constantly broadening international relationships, we have co-operative contacts with European countries such as Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, Northern Ireland, Belgium, P ortugal, and Moldavia.

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9. Other Services

There are several other services available at the Enterprise Agency for the clientele:

  • provision of space for business talks, conferences and other events at favourable prices,

  • office services, faxing, copying,

  • collecting entrepreneurial advertisements for regional advertising papers,

  • information on entrepreneurial real estate, spaces for rent or sale,

  • partner research, communication about goods supply and demand.

According to our own assessment, the regional need for our services and programs is substantial. Unfortunately, many of the foreign aid programs are gradually decreasing in their size and scope; some of them are close to being stopped.
Our free or preferential services, if ended are not able to pay for by regional businesses. On one hand local foundation sources have totally ended. On the other hand regional local governments and businesses are not able to provide our foundation with significant donations.
Currently we have been financing our programs from both national and international proposals and even from our modest entrepreneurial income.

Statistics about the client volume show approximately 38 thousand visits of clients in our central office and satellite offices during the past 14 years. In addition to this figure of registered clients, we have to add thousands of phone calls, and several hundred informal talks and discussions with clients on the occasion of entrepreneurial events. In spite of the depressed economic situation, the results of our work can be felt in the region. Most of our clients became able to establish a business, employing themselves and sometimes even their family members or could survive for a couple of years and did not go bankrupt. Our own statistics say that more than 3,500 jobs have been created with direct or indirect help from the Enterprise Agency in the Zemplén region. As a result of the development of the regional businesses, an increase in the number of jobs can be predicted.
The Foundation is public and opened both domestic and foreign organizations legal entities, companies without legal personality can join it through contributions in kind and property donations.

Sátoraljaújhely, 15th July, 2005.

István Juhász
managing director

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